We pride ourselves on happy clients. And equally happy coop boards.

When you book us, you have signed up for an unsurpassed level of service. This is demonstrated in all kinds of ways. Your plans will be approved faster, schedules are set and met, the project roll out smoothly–and most importantly, your co-op board says, “Great.”

Move in without worrying about cleanup and of course, we’ll make sure you’re guided through new technology.

From plans to execution through final maid services, our process is reliable. As skilled interior design professionals, we’ll gladly design your space and take it through construction, or alternatively work with your own architect/designer.


This is what we do.


We Streamline Your Entire Project

A focus on planning will streamline your entire project, meaning that we can:

  • Help with initial feasibility analysis
  • Help meet a specific budget goals
  • Coordination of applications and paperwork with DOB, Landmarks, DOT and other municipal agencies.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the applications to the building’s Board, Management and Consultants.
  • Creation of budgets for review, to help avoid costly and time intensive redesign after initial bid.
  • Creation of timelines, to help assess critical path.

Staging is a Priority

Your apartment and public areas of the building will be safeguarded from construction impact to the highest degree possible. Known as staging, we consider it a priority. We provide all necessary materials and labor to complete the proposed Scope of Work. Your site Supervisors, Carpenters, Installers and Laborers are all full-time, long term Custom Associates team members.


White Glove Service Equals Higher Standards

At your request, we can provide maid services and assistance with the setup of your apartment.
For example, we’ll:

  • Hang art and decorative pieces.
  • Coordinate the move-in.
  • Provide introductory instruction & support for new appliances, equipment and media.
  • Give you a binder containing spec sheets and warrantees for all new equipment.

Note: Long after the standard warranty is over, you can rest assured that we’re here to answer questions on equipment.

Let's Make Your Project Happen